Why Choose Aardvark Straws?

Sure, there are other paper straws on the market. But, we aren't bragging when we say Aardvark straws are the best. Why?


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They're Safe And FDA Food Grade Compliant Approved

Aardvark® only uses materials that are non-toxic, BPA-free, and elemental chlorine free. In fact, many straws made overseas claim to use safe inks, but the colorants and processes used to dry the inks are anything but safe. Aardvark® doesn't use un-safe dyes or materials in our straws, and we have had independent, 3rd party testing done to prove it.


They're Durable

We're proud to say that Aardvark® paper straws are the strongest, longest lasting on the market. Other paper straws become soft and soggy after only a short use. They often bleed into your drink as well. You'll never encounter that with an Aardvark® straws. They're strong and durable, from the first sip to the last.


They're Friendly to Our Environment

There's no getting around it: Plastic straws pollute. They don't break down in landfills, and they end up in our waterways. That's not the kind of legacy we want to leave for future generations. Every Aardvark product, from straws to cake pops, can be composted and are marine degradable. In normal composting environments, it only takes about 30 to 60 days to decompose, depending on the product.


They're 100% Made in the USA

All other paper straws on the market are made in China. But Aardvark straws are 100% Made in the USA — and they always have been. Ours is the original paper straw, based on a design patented by Marvin Stone in 1888. Read more about our company's history and learn why we're so proud to be an American original. Also, check the label! If you are purchasing paper straws, make sure the packaging says Made in the USA.


They're Fun, Colorful, and Creative!

We have many color and pattern combinations for every season and occasion. Aardvark straws add personality to any party. They can even be customized exclusively for your brand or event.  It's our goal to make sipping, crafting, decorating, and entertaining fun for all and good for the planet. Come join the fun!