Why Choose Aardvark Straws?

Sure, there are other paper straws on the market. But, we aren't bragging when we say Aardvark straws are the best. Why?

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They're Safe And FDA Food Grade Compliant Approved

Our straws have been tested and approved to be in compliance with FDA test method 21 CFR 176.170. Testing was also conducted to obtain evidence of compliance with Council of Europe Resolution AP(2002)1 relating to paper materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Our samples comply with The General Requirement (Article 3) in EU Regulation No. 1935/2004 as referenced in Report Number EFSH13080415-ST. Inks used for printing on the surface of our drinking straws have been tested, certified and are guaranteed acceptable for direct contact with food products, in accordance with the applicable chapters and sections of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR). In addition, a safety assessment has been conducted, and based on the toxicity testing results; the conclusion provides added evidence that all chemical components used are proven to be safe as tested by the Health, Environmental, & Regulatory Services of Intertek USA, Inc. Additionally, all raw material and process components used are free of any fluorochemicals/fluorinated compounds.

They're Durable

We're proud to say that Aardvark® paper straws are the strongest, longest lasting on the market. Other paper straws become soft and soggy after only a short use. They often bleed into your drink as well. You'll never encounter that with an Aardvark® straws. They're strong and durable, from the first sip to the last.


They're Friendly to Our Environment

Sample product was submitted to an independent source for substrate review. The evaluation was successful in verifying the product meets the untreated paper substrate requirement for its acceptance in commercial composting processes. Aardvark® uses natural cellulose paper as the primary material of the paper drinking straw. Paper, being a natural fiber, is universally considered to be inherently biodegradable and is supported as such by organizations such as the San Francisco Food Service Ware Ordinance. Aardvark®  straws, being made of paper, naturally degrade in oceans, rivers and lakes and are safe for marine life. All plastic straws, including biodegradable and compostable plastic straws, pose a serious threat to the marine environment as their fragments do not degrade and remain in the ocean, able to be ingested by marine organisms. Aardvark’s durable straws reduce plastic pollution by breaking down quickly in most environments.


They're 100% Made in the USA

100% of all raw materials, process components and materials that go into the making of paper straws are made in the United States. The labor to make, package and ship the paper straws is comprised of a 100% United States workforce. Aardvark®  Paper Drinking Straws are fully compliant with FTC and California standards for “Made in the USA."


They're Fun, Colorful, and Creative!

We have many color and pattern combinations for every season and occasion. Aardvark straws add personality to any party. They can even be customized exclusively for your brand or event.  It's our goal to make sipping, crafting, decorating, and entertaining fun for all and good for the planet. Come join the fun!