Switch Your strawS
to straws on demand


Plastic pollution is a detrimental hazard to our world. The anti-plastic straw movement is growing rapidly, and we want you to hop on board. Coastal cities and restaurants nationwide are banning plastic straws to save our environment, and eco-friendly organizations such as The Last Plastic Straw and Plastic Pollution Coalition are empowering others to live plastic-free.

By participating in Switch Your Straw to Straws on Demand, you are doing your part to fight plastic pollution. Here’s how you can get involved:


If you’re a restaurant owner, offer paper straws “on demand.”

  • We suggest restaurant owners and employees only offer a paper straw if a customer specifically requests one.
  • Aardvark found that companies that offer straws on demand reduce straw consumption by 40%, diminishing the increased cost of switching to paper straws and allowing restaurants to save money while saving the planet.
  • Aardvark straws can also be customized and personalized with any restaurant or company name, logo or tagline, increasing brand awareness and combating pollution from plastic straws at the same time.
  • This allows businesses to reap the marketing rewards of going green without a hit to the bottom line.


If you’re an eco-friendly consumer, encourage restaurants, businesses and even peers to use only paper straws.

  • Paper drinking straws are a sustainable alternative solution to harmful plastic straws.
  • Made in the USA with 30 percent more material than other paper straw brands, Aardvark’s durable straws help reduce plastic pollution by decomposing in just 45-60 days.
  • The Eco-Flex® paper straw is the first of its kind and allows you to bend the paper straw right where you need it for your beverage.
  • The paper straws offer a variety of themes with more than 200 designs fit for any occasion.


Interested in making a difference against plastic pollution? Contact us at sales@aardvarkstraws.com.