If you’re visiting this page, your city or county has likely banned plastic or PLA straws. We understand that change isn’t fun, but we hope to make this ban as easy as possible for you. Below is an assortment of resources that you can use to figure out next steps. We are happy to help with the process, so please contact us with any other questions.




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Here are the cities with plastic straw bans

We have a copy of each city/county ordinance attached to each pinned area, so you know exactly what your ban states.

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  • Bioplastic is the term for any plastic that contains plant based material. It does not mean that the plastic is 100% plant based or is compostable. Is may be a combination of plants and fossil fuels. 

  • While Polylactic Acid (PLA) is the least hazardous of bioplastics, this does not take into account additives. Additives are often added to makes products which makes the plastic more toxic and less compostable. 

  • Bioplastic is an unspecific term that does not tell you anything about the material. while these plastics are marketed as more environmentally friendly than fossil fuel based materials, they will still act like plastic if they end up outside of a commercial composting facility - which most cities don’t have at this time. 

  • If bioplastics don’t go to a commercial composter, they will still take YEARS to break down.