Thank you for adding Aardvark® Straws to your line of products. We want to make selling our product as easy as possible.


In this digital age, many restaurants are searching for eco-friendly products on the Internet. We have created a plethora of photos for you to use in marketing material and on your website to promote your new products. You can access that database at any time here. This folder will continue to be added to, so check back if you add any products to your line. If you are carrying one of our straws that you don’t see a picture of, please contact sales@aardvarkstraws.com for a new photo.


We have many sales sheets for different seasons and events already created for your use. We also are happy to create specific sales sheets for your company. Contact Kara Woodring at kwoodring@aardvarkstraws.com to get started with your own marketing materials. You can also access our catalog at anytime via this link to share with customers. We will always have the most up to date catalog published here and on our website. If you need hard copies of our catalog, please send that request to the samples contact below.


Please contact Misty Mitra at mmitra@aardvarkstraws.com for samples of product for your sales team. We have generic sample kits that are great for restaurants to try out an assortment of our straw sizes.


Training your sales staff about a new product is the most challenging part of adding an item to your product list. Here is our training PowerPoint that outlines the most important details about our straws. If you have any questions about the bullet points, please contact us.


We can manufacture about any design on our paper straws. If you would like to show your customer what their logo would look like, we offer free virtual proofs. Please send the logo to custom@aardvarkstraws.com with any details on quantity and straw size for your proof. We typically have a 24 hour turn around time on proofs.


Finally, we have an abundance of customers coming to our website every day searching for local distributors to purchase our straws from. We would like to add you to our list of distributors so we can refer restaurants to you. If you don’t see your name on our list, please email sales@aardvarkstraws.com with your name, domain, state, and cities that you cover. Also, please let us know if there is a specific contact that you’d like us to refer customers to in your company.