Our internal testing indicates that our “cake pop” style straws are just as durable as solid stick-style, under similar conditions and use. After two complete freeze-thaw cycles, the cake pops were left at room temperature for 300+ hours with no discernible increase in deflection or reduction in strength.

Cake pops, also known as cake balls, are popular for a reason. These bite-sized wonders offer every party goer a delicious portable bite, making them perfect for weddings, kids parties and even cocktail receptions.  

Inspired by our paper straws, Aardvark's new cake pop sticks are a great alternative to wooden or plastic. We offer them in a rainbow of colors and stripes, making it easy for bakers and party planners to match any theme a client wishes. Increase your holiday sales by using fun colored stripes: Use black and orange for Halloween, red and white for Christmas or let your imagination run wild!

And since our paper cake ball sticks are made from safe paper and dyes, you know you can serve your cake pops to your children and family without worrying about lead or dangerous plastic chemicals.

Almost of the designs offered in a jumbo straw can be printed on a cake pop sticks. Contact kwoodring@aardvarkstraws.com with any questions.