About Us

In 1888, Ohio born inventor Marvin Stone patented the spiral-winding process to manufacture the first paper drinking straws. Marvin Stone's legacy is now part of our parent company Precision Products Group, Inc. The Aardvark paper drinking straw is a direct descendant from Stone's original company. Aardvark straws are the original paper drinking straws, and still American made. Our straws have come a long way since those early days, they’ve been re-invented to become rigid, inflexible, and earth friendly!

Aardvark paper drinking straws are the only paper straws manufactured in the United States. All of our competitors’ straws are made in China or overseas. We manufacture all of our straws at our facilities in Fort Wayne, Indiana. “Made in the USA” is important to us, because we are able to bring you the best quality product faster than our competitors, while providing jobs for your neighbors. What does “Made in the USA” mean for you? It means you can trust our paper straws are the best and the safest for your family or clients. 

Whether you choose our nostalgic red and white paper straws for you next party or lemonade stand, or order custom straws for a national sporting arena, you can rest assured that you’ve made the best choice. Our paper drinking straws are made from FDA approved materials, and our wax, adhesive, dyes and papers are 100% chlorine and lead free.

Aardvark Paper Drinking Straws are also environmentally friendly, unlike plastic straws. Our paper straws are commercially accepted product by Cedar Grove Composting in WA State. American made, completely safe, and environmentally friendly? What are you waiting for?

Place your order today with one of our listed distributors / Wholesalers, and start sipping with a clean conscience.